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Pics and vids from our trip to Vietnam. There’s no separate trip report; rather, I’ve tried incorporating the report into the captions for each pic and vid. It was a fantastic trip (here’s a PDF of our itinerary) and I was able to capture some pretty good pics and vids so take a peruse and […]

Joe’s Valley and Moab

The last time Judy and went to Joe’s Valley, we weren’t able to spend enough time there. There’s so much good bouldering at Joe’s that several more trips there were easily justified. And the last two times we were in Moab, we didn’t get to ride the famous Porcupine Rim trail. A return trip to […]

Judy and I headed up to Tahoe this weekend for some bouldering and mountain biking. Our plan was to boulder at the Grouse Slabs on Saturday and then ride the Emigrant Trail on Sunday. Unfortunately, we got kind of a late start to Tahoe on Saturday and then spent a bit too much time trying […]

I was just Googling around and found this link to They highlight our San Juan Huts trip: Gotta check this blog out… They have a couple great posts on their San Juan Hut Trip. Also, check out their gallery for lots of great pics. I’m not sure how they found out about, […]

San Juan Huts, Day 7

Today was the final day of our trip and what an experience it has been! We started the day with some nice downhill and some beautiful views into Moab. Shortly after leaving the hut, we came into view of the Fisher Towers which Ryan and Kelly had climbed a few years back. A bit further […]

San Juan Huts, Day 6

Dave set his alarm for 4:45 AM. When it went off, Dave woke up, turned off the alarm, looked around and saw that nobody was getting up, and then reset it for 5:00 AM. When it went off again at 5:00 AM, we started stirring and slowly started to get up. It was still dark […]

San Juan Huts, Day 5

“Fucking horses” were the first words I uttered early this morning as I went outside to pee. Apparently, horses don’t sleep very much at night, or at least this particular one didn’t. The stupid bell rang on and off throughout the night. After Brian, Ryan, and Rob struggled to close and lock the behemoth metal […]

San Juan Huts, Day 4

Last night was cool because we experienced a thunderstorm while we slept. Lying in bed while hearing the sounds of rumbling thunder and the pitter-patter of the rain drops on the roof is something that we as Californians don’t get to experience much. Judy felt much better upon awakening in the morning, which was a […]

San Juan Huts, Day 3

The night passed without any incident and, being better acclimated, everyone was able to sleep better than the night before. The morning’s main incident was Dave slicing his finger when he tried to crush a tin can with his hands. Hut Tip #1: Don’t crush tin cans with your hands. We hit the trail at […]

San Juan Huts, Day 2

Although I slept well, it was apparently a restless night for many others. People found themselves gasping for air throughout the night, no doubt a result of the altitude. Brian referred to the group’s night of sleep as an “orchestra” of various noises and loud snoring. Good thing I sleep like a rock! Rested or […]

San Juan Huts, Day 1

After a good night’s sleep, we awoke to a beautiful morning and we were eager to get on the trail. We packed up, loaded our packs and trailers, and headed into town. We went to the Resort Quest office to drop off our keys and to check out. During last night’s unloading of the shuttle […]

San Juan Huts, Day 0-

At long last, our mountain biking adventure was finally about to begin! Judy and I left Belmont at around 11 AM on Friday. Since we would be passing right by the Sierra Trading Post in Reno, we decided to stop by and pick up some last minute gear. Rob hadn’t bought any arm or leg […]

Pescadero Beach

Today was our final training ride for our trip. We had driven quite a bit to the Tahoe area the past few weekends so we weren’t in the mood to go very far from home this weekend. We’ve ridden most of the longer trail rides in the near vicinity and it’s always fun do ride […]

Yuba Pass

For our San Juan hut-to-hut trip, the question still remained whether we should bring a trailer or just use panniers. Since Brian has both, we decided it would be a good idea to try each of them out to better decide. Brian and Judy did a short backpacking trip starting on Tuesday and I drove […]

Pics from our long training ride to the ocean along Gazos Creek.