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Judy’s Money Tree

Judy’s thoughtful co-workers got together to give Judy a money tree to celebrate our upcoming wedding.

Bigger Abode

After a little over two years living at 104 Seale Ave., we decided that it was time to move to a larger place. No, we’re not buying a place; we’re continuing to rent. To think that the largest asset bubble in modern history has finished deflating is wishful thinking IMO. House prices remain fundamentally disconnected […]

We’re Engaged!

Back on April 15, 2000, Judy and I went out on our first date. Today thus marks not only our anniversary, but also our 8 year anniversary. The number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture, and while neither of us are really superstitious, we both felt compelled to have a special celebration for our […]

50″ Plasma TV

Elf Yourself 2007

Last year, OfficeMax had a fun site that allowed you to upload a picture of a person and paste the face of that person on a dancing elf. It was a lot of fun and I created a great clip of Judy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out a way to save the Flash file. The […]

Bonnie’s Birthday

Pics and vid from Bonnie’s birthday, including the mesmerizing Foot Pleaser Ultra!

Iraj’s Birthday

For Iraj’s birthday, we went to a Persian restaurant where we enjoyed good food and belly dancing! Here’s some pics and vids.

Jeff’s Birthday

Paul thought it would be fun to do something special to commemorate Jeff turning the big Six-Oh. So we blew up a bunch of TiVo balloons and filled up Jeff’s cube with them. Well, actually, we cheated a bit. After blowing up a few balloons, we quickly realized that we wouldn’t have the stamina to […]

Today was Chris’ birthday and we decided it would be fun to crown him King of the Beach for a day. Judy and I got to the beach early to hide the renowned King of the Beach crown. Chris is a stickler for keeping the court boundary lines taut and straight so we decided to […]

Warriors vs. Mavericks

One of our suppliers had two free tickets to tonight’s Game 3 playoff game between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks. I’m not really a sports fan and neither is Charles (my co-worker), but the NBA playoffs can be pretty exciting and the price was right so we decided, what the heck? The […]

Mubster Slideshow

In loving memory of Shirley Hsu, 1941 – 2006. For those who don’t know, my mom (“The Mubster” as both my brother Ken and I called her) passed away last year on, of all days, the day after my birthday. Ken gave a really touching eulogy at the funeral, and also created a really great […]

Latte’s X-Mas Toy

Latte scored big this X-mas, receiving a big, scrumptious stuffed bone from Allen’s dog Abbey. Click the pic above to see the full-size pic and short video.

Elfin Judy

This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a really long time. I was laughing so hard that my abs started to hurt! I don’t think Judy found it quite as amusing as I did. This is a great site that anyone can upload a picture to and have some fun with. The […]

Summer Update

Site updates have been few and far between during these dog days of summer. Judy and I haven’t gone on any trips in a while, but we’ve stayed really busy. Judy sold her piano (Craigslist rocks!) because she just didn’t have the time to play it much and it was taking up a lot of […]

Bend the Lines

I was surfing around on YouTube, the king of time-wasting sites, and found this great song. Not only do I find it catchy, but I really like the lyrics too. For you acoustic guitar types, this is a really easy song to play. The chords are just G, C, and D, standard tuning. I prefer […]