As many who read this site know, Judy and I showed off our, uh, “dance skills” during our wedding reception. Well, it looks like our little routine has gone global. Yesterday, I received an email from a soon-to-be-married couple from Iceland (yeah, Iceland!) who wants to do their own “surprise first dance”. They stumbled upon the video of our first dance, liked what they saw (or at least the music :-) ) and asked for a copy of the dance mix I created. How cool is that?

Anyhow, the mix is too big for email (28 MB .aif file) so I’m posting it here so they (or anyone else for that matter) can download.

Here it is: Roger and Judy’s Reception Dance Mix

2 Responses to “The RohJuh Dance Has Gone Global!”

Kæru Roger and Judy,

Takk kærlega fyrir að redda okkur laginu! Vel þegið og við munum heldur betur skemmta fólkinu í brúðkaupinu okkar.

Thank you so much for this! We will surely entertain our guests with this! Greatly appreciated!

Hafið það gott,


hmmm…we’ll be heading off to Iceland next month….maybe this could be a new travel theme…catching the RohJuh Dance Remix as it occurs around the globe

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