Glorious Day for TiVo

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Yesterday, Judge Folsom finally made his ruling in our long-standing patent litigation case against Echostar. When I joined TiVo nearly 4-1/2 years ago, this case had already begun, and it was one of the main reasons I was so optimistic about TiVo’s future. Well, the wheels of justice turn a lot slower than I had expected, but they do turn, and fortunately the outcome is as I had hoped.

Who knows what shenanigans Charlie Ergen (Echostar’s CEO) has planned next, but this ruling is very significant and most analysts seem to agree that ol’ Charlie has just about run out of options. The market seems to agree with TiVo stock up nearly 50%.

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In a “nuclear scenario,” Dish’s competitor, satellite TV provider DirecTV (DTV), could buy TiVo and reserve exclusive use of the DVR technology. That would mean Dish would be the only digital TV provider unable to offer fast-forwarding of TV, a situation that Bernstein’s Moffett describes as a “death sentence.”

Wouldn’t THAT be funny …

Yeah, that would be pretty funny – the circle would be complete. For the uninitiated, Aaron and I used to work at Hughes Network Systems, a sister company to DirecTV under the Hughes Electronics umbrella.

I don’t think it would happen though nor do I think it’s a good thing for TiVo. TiVo has much more potential as a partner to the pay TV providers than to be owned by any single one.

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