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Dave & Susan’s Wedding

Pics from Dave and Susan’s wedding and reception including a mesmerizing dance performance by Preston!

Lounging Latte

A few pics of the lazy Latte lounging.

Ryan & Connie’s Wedding

Pics from Ryan and Connie’s wedding and surprise announcement (Connie’s pregnant!).

AVP San Francisco 2009

Judy and I met up with a bunch of friends at this year’s AVP in San Francisco where Judy was able to get a bunch of photos with some AVP stars.

I spotted Latte romping around outside with a big leaf stuck to her head. It was quite comical so I decided to snap some photos. In addition to the leaf, I found that she had stuff hanging from her lip as well as a bug crawling on her forehead. Latte is truly a dirty rotten […]

As many who read this site know, Judy and I showed off our, uh, “dance skills” during our wedding reception. Well, it looks like our little routine has gone global. Yesterday, I received an email from a soon-to-be-married couple from Iceland (yeah, Iceland!) who wants to do their own “surprise first dance”. They stumbled upon […]

Glorious Day for TiVo

Yesterday, Judge Folsom finally made his ruling in our long-standing patent litigation case against Echostar. When I joined TiVo nearly 4-1/2 years ago, this case had already begun, and it was one of the main reasons I was so optimistic about TiVo’s future. Well, the wheels of justice turn a lot slower than I had […]

Injuries and Muscle-Ups

From an injury standpoint, the last 6 months haven’t been very good for me. I developed a pretty bad case of climber’s elbow (basically the same thing as the more commonly known “tennis elbow”) last November. Prior to the injury, I had already committed to going on a climbing trip to Joshua Tree, and although […]

Kirkwood & Heavenly

Here’s some pics from our weekend snowboarding trip to Tahoe. We went to Kirkwood on Saturday and then hit Heavenly for the first time on Sunday. The weather was absolutely beautiful as you can see from the photo above. My dilapidated knee held up much better than I thought it would. In fact, it actually […]

I decided to join Mike for a weekend snowboarding trip to Tahoe. Judy wasn’t quite in the mood to go on such a last-minute trip (the notion of going didn’t cross my mind until late Friday afternoon), and since several of Mike’s buddies flaked, it ended up just being Mike and myself. We stayed at […]

Steamboat Springs

Some photos and vids from our first trip to Steamboat Springs.