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Mike’s Graduation

Mike recently graduated from SJSU with an Industrial Design degree so the group threw him a little celebration party. Photos courtesy of Charles.

Joshua Tree

Some pics and vids from the climbing trip Ben and I took to Joshua Tree.

The Reception Dance

For our wedding reception “first dance”, Judy and I decided to do something a bit different. Rather than the typical ballroom dance set to a mushy love song, we decided to inject some fun and liveliness into our first dance. We decided to come up with our own routine set to an original music mix […]

Reception Slideshow

Here’s the slideshow we put together for the wedding. It shows pics from Judy’s childhood, my childhood, us with various family and friends, and finally pics of just the two of us. It ends with a pretty cool effect in which a snapshot is taken from a short video clip. Unfortunately, these slideshows are huge […]

Reception Pics

We definitely used up a bunch of 1s and 0s during our reception – there’s quite a few photos, so many that I didn’t bother to go through and filter them. You can click on the pic above (or here) to get to the general reception photo album or use one of the more direct […]

Latte’s Wedding Gown

For reasons unknown, Judy’s mom was super excited to have a wedding dress made for Latte. At times, it seemed that she was more excited about Latte’s dress than our actual wedding. Here’s some pics of Latte in her custom made dress. I don’t think Latte cared too much for the outfit.

New Baby Grand!

We got a knock on our front door this afternoon and when Judy answered, the guy at the door informed us that he was here to deliver a piano. Huh? You must have the wrong address because we didn’t buy a piano. Well, we (Judy and I) didn’t buy a piano, but it turns out […]

Wedding Day

08.08.08. Looks like China decided to start the Olympics on the same day as our wedding. We decided to just do a quick and simple ceremony at the Santa Clara County Courthouse. Unfortunately, the photos all came out pretty bad, likely due to the poor lighting. Nevertheless, since they’re the only photos of our wedding, […]

Judy’s Money Tree

Judy’s thoughtful co-workers got together to give Judy a money tree to celebrate our upcoming wedding.

Paul’s Last Day

After a decade with TiVo, Paul has decided to pursue other opportunities. The Consumer Design Group, which Paul led, got together to create a really cool plaque which we presented to Paul on his last day. Here are some pics of the plaque as well as some shots of the group.

June 2008 No Attitudes

Since last year, Judy and I have been playing regularly in Phil Kaplan’s No Attitudes sand volleyball tournaments. This past Saturday, we played in the tournament with new partners for the first time. Judy paired up with Dave while I paired up with Bonnie. Unfortunately, Dave cramped up midway through the tourney and although they […]

Bigger Abode

After a little over two years living at 104 Seale Ave., we decided that it was time to move to a larger place. No, we’re not buying a place; we’re continuing to rent. To think that the largest asset bubble in modern history has finished deflating is wishful thinking IMO. House prices remain fundamentally disconnected […]

We’re Engaged!

Back on April 15, 2000, Judy and I went out on our first date. Today thus marks not only our anniversary, but also our 8 year anniversary. The number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture, and while neither of us are really superstitious, we both felt compelled to have a special celebration for our […]

50″ Plasma TV


Stating the obvious, Version 5 of’s got a fresh, new look. If you’re scratching your head, then you’re either new to the site, have a bad memory, or need to hit “Reload” on your browser. Here are some key highlights of RohJuh V5: W I D E S C R E E N! I […]