Jeff’s Birthday

Jeff's cube filled with balloons

Paul thought it would be fun to do something special to commemorate Jeff turning the big Six-Oh. So we blew up a bunch of TiVo balloons and filled up Jeff’s cube with them. Well, actually, we cheated a bit. After blowing up a few balloons, we quickly realized that we wouldn’t have the stamina to blow up enough balloons to fill Jeff’s entire cube – manually blowing up balloons is quite hard on the cheeks and lips! So we laid down some cardboard (TiVo set-top box cartons, actually) all the way across his desk so that we’d only have to fill half the cube but still have it look like we filled the entire cube.

We also printed a bunch of signs directing Jeff to his specially designated parking spot for that day. Paul came in early Friday morning to set up the signs, but after all that work, Jeff didn’t even show up to work! What a slacker! The balloons were fine sitting in the cube over the weekend, but Paul had to set up the signs again Monday morning. Here are the pics I took.

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