Warriors vs. Mavericks

Warriors vs. Mavericks playoff game

One of our suppliers had two free tickets to tonight’s Game 3 playoff game between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks. I’m not really a sports fan and neither is Charles (my co-worker), but the NBA playoffs can be pretty exciting and the price was right so we decided, what the heck?

The game was just ho-hum as the Warriors ended up winning by a large margin, 109-91. Neither of us knew either team very well, but it was still pretty fun getting caught up with the excitement and energy of the crowd.

I’m still amazed at how emotional people can get following professional sports teams. The guys on the court are getting paid millions of dollars to play a fun game so why do people actually get worked up if these millionaires win or lose? Unless you’ve got money riding on the game or have a friend or family member actually playing, why give a shit? It’s not like you actually lose anything if the team loses. I just don’t understand.

So what was the most exciting event of the night for me? Why, the yummy hot dogs and nachos we got at halftime of course! Yup, definitely not a die-hard basketball fan. ;-) I did snap a few pics and vids though.

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