Summer Update

Site updates have been few and far between during these dog days of summer. Judy and I haven’t gone on any trips in a while, but we’ve stayed really busy. Judy sold her piano (Craigslist rocks!) because she just didn’t have the time to play it much and it was taking up a lot of space in our little abode. With the piano gone, our living room is much more spacious!

As mentioned in prior posts, we both bought road bikes and started road biking. My goal was to ride at least once a week to work and I’ve been more or less successful with that. Dave and Andrew visited on separate occasions from SD and I took them on some fun road rides. I’ve come to like road biking, but the problem is that with limited time, I’m often torn between road biking and mountain biking. I wonder sometimes if perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to add yet another activity to my already extensive hobby list. :-)

Earlier in the summer, while Judy was on a business trip, Jess and I played in a reverse coed grass tournament. This was literally the first time I had touched a volleyball in nearly two years so it wasn’t very pretty. The fact that it was near 100 deg that day in San Jose didn’t help either. We didn’t do too well, but it did get me itching to play more volleyball.

A few weeks later, Judy and I were riding our bikes around Stanford and came upon a bunch of people playing on the sand courts there. Turns out that a group plays there regularly throughout the week and some of them also play during the weekends at the Santa Cruz beach. Although we were both really rusty (our first few games were pretty embarrassing), we were both reminded of how fun volleyball is. We’ve been playing regularly now for several weeks (primarily at Stanford, but also a few times at Santa Cruz). Fortunately, our rustiness has gradually subsided and it actually looks like we know what we’re doing out there now. :-)

On the work front, things have been pretty busy as well. Earlier in the summer, TiVo was granted an injunction against Echostar’s infringing DVR products. Unfortunately, Echostar was able to quickly get a temporary stay of the injunction so it looks like the legal manueverings will continue. In addition, TiVo received a stay in the lawsuit that Echostar filed against us. And last week I returned from a weeklong business trip to Korea, during which TiVo signed a deal with Cox, the 4th largest cable provider in the country. Things are looking on the up and up for TiVo!

Of course, Fall is fast approaching and that means… trips! The weather is cooler, the bugs are gone, and after Labor Day, the crowds are gone too. It’s the best time of year to get out and do things, and we’re definitely going to take advantage of it. We’ve got a number of trips planned, and with trips come pics and vids so you can definitely expect activity to ramp up in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for regular updates!

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