Judy's oil painting.

Well, today I officially departed my early-30s and entered my mid-30s. Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday. It was a fairly low-key and uneventful day as my birthdays have generally become, but that’s fine by me since I’m not much of a spotlight kind of guy. Plus, for nearly all of my adult life, my date of birth really hasn’t had much significance to me – it’s really no different from any other day.

Judy wanted to take me out to dinner, and since I don’t really have a favorite restaurant, I had to think about where to go. Initially, we were just going to go to Fresh Choice (a soup/salad buffet joint – like I said, birthdays aren’t a big deal to me) because they currently have this “upside-down” pineapple coconut pound cake which, when mixed with the vanilla soft serve, is absolutely delicious – it’s really really good! But we decided to go to Fresh Choice this weekend instead and ended up trying out a new Japanese restaurant. The highlight of the meal was the dessert – green tea ice cream, wrapped in pound cake, lightly fried, and covered with whip cream. That’s definitely not something you see everyday, but maybe you should because it was mmmm mmmm good!

For my birthday present, Judy was kind enough to give me her first oil painting (shown above), an important gesture symbolic of her recent foray into the arts. Am I lucky to have such a great girl or what? The painting really is… something else (the orange thing is a bush by the way). Can you believe that this is actually her first oil painting ever? I just hope she doesn’t start thinking about cutting off those little flaps of skin that help you hear. :-)

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