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Four straight days of bouldering, excessively captured on digital film.


Judy’s been wanting to move to Colorado for some time now so we decided to head out there to check things out. It’s a long drive out there, so we made a pit-stop to ride the world-famous Gooseberry Mesa trail and since we were passing through Fruita, we decided to take a spin on Mary’s […]

Twin Lakes

Off trail backpacking through Tuolumne. No trip report, but lots of pics with captions.

Palm Springs Tram

We had heard that there’s some good bouldering at the top of Mt. San Jacinto so we decided to check it out. Ryan was going to go with us, but bailed the night before because his wrist was feeling kind of sore. No one else wanted or could go. This turned out to be a […]

Volleyball Tourney

Here’s some pics from the reverse co-ed volleyball tournament that Judy and I played in. We won the “B” division!


This was our first mountain biking trip to the Tahoe area (although Brian has been there once before) and we looked forward to riding the Flume and Downieville trails, both of which are fairly famous. Since the drive up to the Tahoe area is pretty long, we decided to break it up by driving to […]

Pine Mountain

This was our first trip to Pine Mountain, a great bouldering area about an hour’s drive north of Ojai. We all owe it to Judy who made this little gem of a discovery. The plan was to meet at the Vons in Ventura at around 11 PM. Fortunately, there wasn’t much traffic and it took […]

Black Mountain

Pics from a day trip to Black Mountain courtesy of Josh.

Bishop & Rock Creek

For Judy and myself, this was our second trip to Rock Creek. For Patty, it was her first. And for Brian, this was old hat. We drove up Friday night and ended up not leaving SD until after 7 PM. That night we camped at the campground right next to the Rock Creek trail head. […]


Judy and I went out to Boston to celebrate Oliver’s (Judy’s brother) graduation from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Initially, we had planned to stay in the area a few extra days and thought it might be fun to visit Maine’s Acadia National Park and/or do some bouldering around the area. There are supposedly some fairly good […]


For Judy and me, this was our first trip to the Phoenix Bouldering Contest (PBC), an annual event where scores of climbers from around the world descend upon Queen’s Creek near Phoenix, AZ for a weekend of climbing, socializing, music, food, and all around fun. Since we were going to drive all the way out […]

Corrizo Gorge

We had been wanting to do the Corrizo Gorge ride for nearly three months. On two separate occasions, our planned trip to Corrizo Gorge was cancelled because of rain. Rain?!! In San Diego? On two separate occasions?!! Yes, it was hard to believe, but it happened. We hoped that our third try would be successful. […]

The Making of Version 3.0

NOTE: Much of the below won’t make sense unless you actually click through the Version 3.0 website. A lot of the descriptions below do not apply to the current version of the website. You can still peruse Version 3.0. What is it about physical injury that motivates me to do web development? A serious flu […]


Our first trip to Hueco was in December of 2002. It was a really fun trip, but I was lazy and didn’t take many pictures, and because there weren’t many pictures, I never created a trip report/web page. That’s too bad since there were some memorable events like the Whataburger (with Whatafries and Whatadrinks), the […]

We all left for the airport around 3 PM with Aaron and Kate in one car, Patty, Dave, and Bob in another, and Judy, Ryan, and myself in a third. As we were getting ready to go through the airport screeners, I realized that I had left my snowboard tool in my backpack. Crap, I […]