What’s the word on the street about the new RohJuh.com? What do people really think about the new website? To find out, we surveyed dozens of people. Most had a favorable impression of the site, but not all. Read what people are saying about the new RohJuh.com.

Everybody loves the new RohJuh.com. Well, almost everybody. Here’s a sampling of people’s responses to the question: "What do you think of the new RohJuh.com website featuring the Aqua interface?" [Note: RohJuh.com is not responsible for the veracity of the following statements and makes no claims as to their authenticity.]

Listed in alphabetical order by last name. Only first name initials have been used in order to protect individual identities, especially if the individual said something stupid.

"I used to just sit at home all day, stare at the ceiling, twiddle my thumbs, and occasionally pick my nose. Oh sure, I’d do some contract work every now and then, but for the most part, things were pretty boring. RohJuh.com, especially with its oh-so-sprightly Aqua interface, has been an absolute godsend. I now look forward to getting up every morning!" – B. Beattie, Carlsbad, CA.

"Whilst I pursue my scholarly endeavors of higher learning in the fields of advanced science and technology, I cannot be bothered with such mindless and trivial matters." – E. Blair, Stanford, CA.

"As an attorney, my primary concern with the new website is that there may be copyright issues with Apple’s Aqua trademark and the characteristic ‘look and feel’ of Apple’s website. Generally, the information contained in a company’s website is copyrighted and may not be distributed, modified, reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written permission of the company. Even images from a company’s website cannot be reproduced in any form without prior advance written consent from the company. As Roger and Judy have yet to secure any official authorization from Apple, I am concerned that the new RohJuh.com may be subject to adverse legal repercussions. That being said, I think the new Aqua RohJuh.com rocks!" – K. Cariffe, Carlsbad, CA.

"Oye, see what I gotta deal with? Such is life married to a lawyer. Regarding the site, I think it’s great! And I love the Banff pics – I’ve gotta say that I look mighty fine flyin’ down those slopes!" – T. Cariffe, Carlsbad, CA.

"Bitchin’ site dude!" – D. Chang, Carmel Valley, CA.

"Oooooh, Aqua . . . wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa!" – P. Chang, Carmel Valley, CA. [That's supposed to be a light saber. -Ed.]

"You will be happy to hear that I find your website pleasing. As the reknowned King of Grass, my stamp of approval carries tremendous weight. I would like to see future grass volleyball tournaments organized by The King to be prominently displayed on RohJuh.com" – P. Ching, Mira Mesa, CA.

"I think RohJuh.com is great! As a man married with children, I often find myself having to live vicariously through others. As such, I find RohJuh.com indispensible!" – KH Chong, San Diego, CA.

"Website? What website? Oh yeah, I think I got an email or something or other about it. However, I make it a policy to never respond to emails, particularly those Evite thingamabobs. So… do you wanna see my dinosaur impression now?" – R. Crotty, Del Mar, CA.

"Of course I like it. I designed the damn thing!" – J. Ho, La Jolla, CA. [This is not entirely true. -Ed.]

"Roh-Juh Doh-Juh! Cool stuff. I especially like the Aqua interface – it looks great on my new iBook! I can’t wait to show my PC bigot friends! Unfortunately, they probably won’t think much of it since PC bigots have difficulty appreciating style and good design." – K. Hsu, Irvine, CA.

"Great site! As an ambitious, career-driven fast-tracker rapidly ascending the corporate ranks, I often find myself working 27 hours a day, 8 days a week, sometimes more. RohJuh.com is great because it provides me with a much-needed diversion during my infrequent workday breaks." – A. Hsu, Carlsbad, CA.

"Yo, yo, yo! Spanky-D’s hip-hoppin’, drip-droppin’, rip-rappin’ down ‘n out wid dat dem there web site. Yo dawg, I say it be phreshly PHAT yo! And dem photographologies are bad! Giddyup!" – D. Hunsaker [Ummm . . . Kramer from the Hood? -Ed.], Rancho Penasquitos, CA.

"Not bad . . . for a mechanical engineer." – T. Jensen, San Diego, CA.

"Kash Man likes new website. Website pretty just like Kash Man. Kash Man wants own pretty website to showcase Kash-O-Vision and to advertise new branch openings. Kash Man needs computer for that. Kash Man shall get computer. But Kash Man wants pretty computer. Macs are dangerously pretty just like Kash Man. Kash Man might get a Mac. What? Chicks dig guys with Macs? Kash Man shall get a Mac." – B. Kash, Pacific Beach, CA. [Wise choice, Kash Man, wise choice. - Ed.]

"Hey, if I wanted any crap out of you, I’d squeeze your head! Now go away before I kick your ass!" J. Kesler, San Diego, CA.

"It’s so purrrrrttty! It reminds me of this one time, at band camp, when my friends, who were also in band camp, played a game where I was Aqua Girl! Aqua Girl rulez! Buffy rulez! Girls kick ass! <sigh> OK, bye, bye." – K. Killen, La Jolla, CA.

"Arrrrfffff!" – Latte Dog, La Jolla, CA [Translation: The new site is fantastic and looks really spiffy. I especially like my page, The Latte Dog Page. But sheesh, the dude spent soooooo much time designing and creating the new site. That's time that should have been spent playing with me instead! After all, this is the guy that almost ran me to death around Miramar Lake! He owes me!]

"Although I’ve long ago sold my soul to the evil empire that is Microsoft, it still warms the remnants of my heart to see individuals fighting the good fight and producing high quality work with non-Microsoft software. Of course, it’ll only be a matter of time before they come out with a cheap rip-off. Everyone will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!" – S. Lin, Carlsbad, CA.

"I . . . know! . . . I . . . like . . . it! . . . I . . . think . . . that . . . this . . . is . . . a . . . pre . . . tty . . . cool . . . web . . . site . . . " – J. Lo, Mira Mesa, CA.

"This is such an amateurish website. Where’s the CGI? Where’s the dynamic content and DHTML? How about server side includes? Cascading Style Sheets? XML? PHP? Gimme a break! Sheesh!" – K. Ou, Poway, CA.

"I’ve been in a self-inflicted good-food-deprivation mode for perhaps a decade. Lately, the urge to sample good food has become so irresistible that it’s affecting my mood and well-being. I’ve tried depleting my bank account at REI as well as shaving my head, both of which offered only temporary relief. But then the new RohJuh.com came along and has been able to instill good, happy thoughts and feelings. I know it sounds weird and I can’t explain it, but it’s almost as if the new RohJuh.com provides me with deep, subliminal good vibes." – A. Palumbo, La Jolla, CA. [RohJuh.com is not responsible for any messages, subliminal or otherwise, on the website that might encourage individuals to eat good food, i.e. meat. -Ed.]

"So is it Roh-Ju, Roh-Juh, Rah-Ju, Ro-Judy? Where’s my Hooked on Phonics! I’m so confused! I do like the Aqua though since it’s easy to pronounce. But I’m still thinking you should go with a Star Wars theme. With lots of pictures of Natalie Portman . . . yeah, THAT would be cool!" – A. Poynot, Pacific Beach, CA.

"You know, I was trying to find spiritual fulfillment by converting my truck to diesel, but that escapade simply drained me emotionally, physically, and financially. I became lost and aimless. Now, after being exposed to RohJuh.com, especially with its refreshing Aqua theme, I have a much brighter outlook on things! I’m even starting to wonder how much I can get if I trade in my Land Rover for a 4Runner. . . hmmm . . ." – R. Sakurada, Poway, CA.

"Wada-wada-ooooo! Cool site Rog! RohJuh.com makes me anxious to finish school. I just can’t wait to get back onto them slopes and show those snowboard punks how it’s done by bustin’ out and representin’ my signature Rodeo Half-Flip. Cuz if you don’t know, you better axe someone!" – G. Smith, Escondido, CA [A Rodeo Half-Flip is an extreme snowboard feat seldom performed by anyone. It involves an aerial maneuver in which one does a half-flip in the air and then lands on one's head. It is highly recommended that this trick be only attempted in deep powder. -Ed.]

"I think it’s swell and kinda groovy! I just wish we had electricity in Ramona so that I can enjoy RohJuh.com from home." – N. Soule, Ramona, CA.

"As the Chief Mac Guru of the West Coast and President of the Tuftmeisters, I am thrilled to see such a brilliant showcase of the Mac’s capabilities." – C. Tuft, Fremont, CA.

"Where’s the cats?! I can’t find a single cat on the entire site! No food either! RohJuh.com blows! – S. Tung, La Jolla, CA.

"Yeah, I suppose it’s alright, but have you heard that new N’Sync album? Man, now THAT’S what I’M talkin’ about, know what I’m sayin’? RohJuh.com? Aqua? Pssshhhh! N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys, man, now THAT’S where it’s at. THERE’S something to get excited about!" – R. White, Pacific Beach, CA.

"The Aqua-fied RohJuh.com totally justifies my Titanium Powerbook G4 investment. I mean, they’re practically made for each other! Macs rock!" – C. Woods, La Jolla, CA. [Now there's a man who knows what he's talking about! -Ed.]

"When my lovey-dovey hubby-bubby pooky-poochy-poo went out and bought a brand new Titanium Powerbook G4, I wasn’t sure it was such a prudent purchase. But after experiencing the new Aqua RohJuh.com, stunningly displayed in OS X on the huge, crisp, gorgeous screen of the Powerbook, I’ve got to say, I’m still not sure that it was such a prudent purchase." – L. Woods, La Jolla, CA.

"I am often featured as a prominent character on this website. As the ruling figure of a large Hawaiian island, I am heartened that my subserviants at home are able to follow my adventures abroad in good style." – King Kamehameha (aka. Bobert Yamaguchi), Mira Mesa, CA.

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