2011 VW Golf TDI


Merry X-mas to me! I’m the happy owner of a brand new 2011 VW Golf TDI! I’ve been wanting to get a smaller car for some time as I’ve always liked the gas mileage, handling, and convenience (easier to park) of small cars. My first car was a little Honda Civic hatchback (Tahitian Green!) which I loved to drive. Even though my last two vehicles have been SUVs (Toyota 4-Runner presently and Chevy Blazer before that), I’ve always felt a bit guilty driving them. More…

Latte Dog, 1995-2010

Latte sleeping.

Today was a very sad day as Judy and I made the heart-breaking decision to put Latte to sleep. As many of you may know, Latte’s health has been steadily declining for the last year or two. She was originally diagnosed with some kind of disc compression/degeneration issue which affected the nerves running to the rear part of her body. This caused her rear legs to become weaker, and she would often drag her rear legs when she walked. More…

Misty May

Judy and Misty May.

Lindsey’s surprise birthday gift to Judy was for Judy to meet Misty May who, with Keri Walsh, won Olympic gold medals in 2004 and 2008 in women’s beach volleyball. Misty was at a book signing for her new book Misty May, Digging Deep in Volleyball and in Life where Judy and Lindsey took the opportunity to meet Misty as well as to take a few photos with her.


Tahoe group shot.

Judy, Patty, and I completed the Tour de Tahoe, a scenic 72 mile ride around Lake Tahoe. The ride was well organized and well supported and even though Patty had a slew of mechanical problems (3 flat tires!), we all had a lot of fun.

After our ride, we met up with Ryan, Connie, Emilia, and Kelly for a couple days of bouldering. None of us were in very good climbing shape, but the weather, company, and just being outdoors made for a great time.

Ryan has a more detailed trip report on his and Connie’s site. Here are the pics and vids I compiled (a mix of pics/vids from my camera as well as those from Connie/Ryan). I’m aware of a funky formatting issue with some of the larger/wider videos (the “next” arrow ends up overlapping the video), but won’t have time to fix it for a while.

TiVo Slide remote in Wall Street Journal

(click pic for larger version)

Wow, this is pretty cool. The print edition of the Wall Street Journal devoted nearly half a page to its review of the Slide remote. I had already read the online version of the article, but to see the print article with a giant photo of the remote is pretty awesome. Either it was a really slow news day or the Slide remote is just that cool. I prefer to think the latter. ;-)

TiVo Slide Remote

TiVo Slide remote

Introducing the hands down, coolest remote in the world: the TiVo Slide! I’ve designed a lot of products in my career, but the Slide is, without a doubt, the one I’m most proud of and feel the most ownership over.

One of the most rewarding things for me about product design is being able to go into a store like Best Buy, see a product, and know that I designed it. Most people have no idea the amount of hard work, dedication, and creativity that goes into designing and creating great products. Understanding what it takes, seeing the end result sitting on a shelf, and knowing that it is, or will be, used and enjoyed by many people is a fantastic feeling. For me, it provides a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, and is one of the main factors that motivate and drive me.

The Slide remote, however, went a step beyond that. To come up with an idea, push that concept through the company, and then design and bring that idea to production represents to me another level of accomplishment. It’s a big part of why the Slide is so special to me. More…

TiVo Wireless N Adapter

TiVo N wireless adapter

The latest fruits of my labor: the sleek and incredibly sexy TiVo Wireless N adapter. It has the same design language as our original wireless G adapter, but several aesthetic enhancements to the design make it look far cooler.

For starters, the metal base is stunningly beautiful. Whereas the G adapter has a lighter colored brushed metal finish, the N adapter uses a black chrome finish giving it a much classier, sophisticated, and high-end look. It’s drop-dead gorgeous if I do say so myself!

With the G adapter, I was never quite happy with the logo treatment. The logo is printed on a label which is then stuck on – it’s basically a sticker which, perception-wise, just seems a bit cheap. The N adapter’s logo is monochrome silver and back (in and of itself cooler IMO), and the TiVo guy actually protrudes from the plastic, giving the logo depth. And not only is the face of the TiVo logo silver, but so are the sidewalls of the protruding logo.

Design details aside, the N adapter offers much better range and speed compared with our G adapter. And if you have a WPS capable router, then connecting the adapter to your router is as simple as pushing a button on your router and then pushing a button on the adapter.

Here’s some pics of our N adapter. It’s available now on tivo.com and various retailers.

Disclaimer: Any and all content posted on this website regarding TiVo represent the views and opinions of the author only and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of TiVo, Inc.

TiVo Premiere XL with remote.

Today, we introduced the Premiere and Premiere XL which both feature the cool new wide-screen HD UI (High-Definition User Interface for the lay people). They also feature remote controls designed by yours truly.

To the casual eye, the Premiere XL remote probably doesn’t look much different from the current Series3 / TiVoGlo remote. However, there are some important changes. More…

Dave & Susan’s Wedding

Susan and Dave at their wedding reception.

Pics from Dave and Susan’s wedding and reception including a mesmerizing dance performance by Preston!

Lounging Latte

Latte lounging.

A few pics of the lazy Latte lounging.

Ryan & Connie’s Wedding

Connie, Ryan, Judy, Roger

Pics from Ryan and Connie’s wedding and surprise announcement (Connie’s pregnant!).

AVP San Francisco 2009

Judy and Mika with Phil Dalhauser

Judy and I met up with a bunch of friends at this year’s AVP in San Francisco where Judy was able to get a bunch of photos with some AVP stars.

Latted with leaf stuck to head.

I spotted Latte romping around outside with a big leaf stuck to her head. It was quite comical so I decided to snap some photos. In addition to the leaf, I found that she had stuff hanging from her lip as well as a bug crawling on her forehead. Latte is truly a dirty rotten scoundrel dog.

As many who read this site know, Judy and I showed off our, uh, “dance skills” during our wedding reception. Well, it looks like our little routine has gone global. Yesterday, I received an email from a soon-to-be-married couple from Iceland (yeah, Iceland!) who wants to do their own “surprise first dance”. They stumbled upon the video of our first dance, liked what they saw (or at least the music :-) ) and asked for a copy of the dance mix I created. How cool is that?

Anyhow, the mix is too big for email (28 MB .aif file) so I’m posting it here so they (or anyone else for that matter) can download.

Here it is: Roger and Judy’s Reception Dance Mix

Glorious Day for TiVo

Big TiVo logo

Yesterday, Judge Folsom finally made his ruling in our long-standing patent litigation case against Echostar. When I joined TiVo nearly 4-1/2 years ago, this case had already begun, and it was one of the main reasons I was so optimistic about TiVo’s future. Well, the wheels of justice turn a lot slower than I had expected, but they do turn, and fortunately the outcome is as I had hoped.

Who knows what shenanigans Charlie Ergen (Echostar’s CEO) has planned next, but this ruling is very significant and most analysts seem to agree that ol’ Charlie has just about run out of options. The market seems to agree with TiVo stock up nearly 50%.